From Nature's Bucket Delivered to Your Home, We Sapphire Organic Foods believe
To promote Organic Chemical Free & Natural Whole, unrefined, unadulterated foods
To help keep nature and its people stay healthy and happy.


Sapphire Organic Foods are the brainchild of Mr. Mahesh Modi a Mumbai based IT
Computers businessman and his son Mr. Rahul Mahesh Modi. The increasing
Unhealthy eating habits of people cause more health issues and makes the
More polluted. Mr. Mahesh Modi got inspired by these situations to help people. And Mr.
Mahesh Modi’s penchant for cultivating organic farm fresh groceries led him to have his
Own Organic Farm House of size 50 Acre located in Panagar, Jabalpur M.P.


At Sapphire Organic Foods we grow products without the use of synthetic chemicals,
Such as human-made pesticides & fertilizers. Our products are genetically modified
GMO free. Our Team and Soulful farmers cultivate, harvest and process organic foods.
And we emphasize the use of renewable resources and conservation of soil & water to
Add the input towards making nature and its people stay healthy.


Sapphire Organic Foods is a pioneer catering to delivering organic farm fresh produced
Food pan India & World. The last 25 years into organic farming and delivering
Completely natural & farm fresh organic foods gave us a reason to sell more than
1, 00,000+ products in India & the World. We are believed not to be a price based
Organization, our successful cultivation, harvesting & storage of food allows our
Organization and its members to produce and help more people and farmers to eat
Healthy and promote healthy organic food.
Business at Sapphire Organic Foods is all about development and sustainability. We are a team
Of 2 founders Mr. Mahesh Modi & Mr. Rahul Modi, 20 Co-workers & soulful farmers who are
Growing organic products by emphasizing the use of renewable resources, and enhancing the
Quality of environment for future generations.


We encourage people by Help People by Promoting Organic Chemical-Free & Natural Whole,
Unrefined & Unadulterated Foods to Keep Mother Nature, You, Your Family & Millions of people
stay Happy, Stay Young and Eat Organic Food.