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Gender: cismale (he/him) Orientation: pansexual Community: huntsman Face Allege: Charlie Gillespie

Gender: cismale (he/him) Orientation: pansexual Community: huntsman Face Allege: Charlie Gillespie

Emilio turned into the protector of the children at college due so you’re able to their knowledge as a hunter, he had been the best of children, plus the only pupil that was person, together with the witches one attended the college.

Even though Emilio try 19 yrs . old, they are a good junior at the Salvatore Boarding school, having been stored right back once or twice when you look at the elementary university. Emilio try identified as having dyslexia and you may dyscalculia which inspired one another their reading and you can related language-mainly based operating experiences with his power to know number and you will understand math products. However come planning the fresh basic college or university when you look at the Fell’s Church after they discovered it diagnosis as well as did not have in whatever way in order to enhance the kid so they really had sent your to some other college that had teachers taught to help children using this prognosis.

Tatia showed everyone in the Mikaelson family relations like, even when the Mikaelson did not really like this lady

Species: Unique Vampire (thru Ayanna) Skills: Awesome stamina, super price, awesome speed, very resilience, invulnerability to light pine, invulnerability to help you vervain (whilst is discovered at the bottom of this new white pine), immortality, very data recovery, mental handle, improved emotions, notice compulsion, sire bond, telepathy, fantasy control, shapeshifting.

Weaknesses: creature blood, damaged shoulder, the latest treat, desiccation, invitation, wonders, actual injury, poison, sun, werewolf bite (non lethal), enchanted thorns

Henrik Mikaelson is the youngest of Mikaelson sisters, created three to four age shortly after their aunt Rebekah, in addition to one which brought about his parents so you’re able to curse his sisters, and you can himself. He had been intimate along with his siblings, none to battle with them, specifically his brother Niklaus with his brother Rebekah.. Henrik did actually inform you no sign of having his personal magic, regardless if his mother believe he would given that maternity got felt in another way following her half a dozen other of them. He didn’t invest as much day with his parents, but additional time with his sisters, and far eg their almost every other siblings he was afraid of their father.

Henrik basic noticed his older brothers, Elijah and you can Niklaus, begin attacking when they already been exhibiting need for the same woman, Tatia. Henrik never ever noticed the beauty of the fresh new doppelganger but the guy realized why. Henrik liked the fact that she managed your nicely no matter if she had each other their brothers pitted against each other. As he had more mature the guy had more interested in the nation as much as him. And therefore morbid fascination lead to their premature death, or so their sisters consider.

Henrik Mikaelson

He was 14 when his fascination got the best of your. It was the evening of one’s full moon. Henrik wanted to understand the males change into monsters. The guy pretty sure Niklaus, who was distraught whenever Tatia picked Elijah, to sneak aside which have your observe new boys change. Niklaus, beyond the right mood, got him out you to definitely nights. They saw brand new change and you can an awesome minute to your one or two brothers got turned bad. Among werewolves spotted the fresh brothers and you will already been going after them. Niklaus easily receive a hiding put thought Henrik was not much trailing your, however the youngest men got stuck in addition to wolf come to maul your. Niklaus spotted this new wolf get lost in advance of he went out to their brother’s dead body and you may carried your back once again to the brand new village, inside rips over his error of reasoning inside using the youngest Mikaelson over to understand the boys shift.

After they got to brand new town Niklaus shouting for their mother Rebekah appeared running out viewing the girl absolutely nothing brother’s looks in her more mature brother’s hands. Shortly Esther and you can Elijah inserted the 3 together with Ayanna. Esther pleaded towards the most other witch on there getting an easy method so that they can save your self your. Ayanna know the boy was not dry, maybe not totally however, told him or her otherwise. She spelled Henrik’s system to store him into the a long-term sleep state up until she knew he had been good enough to carry him back once again to lifetime. Nevertheless when she did not believe Esther flipping their remaining youngsters, along with her husband, into vampires. To guard him or her on wolves and you may wage a lot of 12 months war on the one or two kinds. Esther read of the other witch’s betrayal upon arriving at check out this lady to own bands on her behalf students and you may watching the fresh boy’s human anatomy, but before Esther you will definitely do just about anything Klaus had slain its mom immediately after this lady betrayal out of with their werewolf top. Ayanna made an effort to awaken Henrik nearly 10 years afterwards however, their enchantment backfired. When she tried to wake him, the youngest Mikaelson visited pass away once again but in order to save yourself him Ayanna became Henrik with the a vampire casting an identical enchantment so you’re able to Esther’s however being required to have fun with doppelganger blood.

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